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Head of State’s message on the occasion of the 49th edition of the National Youth Day
Fight against Boko Haram, "Permit me to point out, once again, that this is in no way whatsoever, a "crusade" against Islam or an episode in some kind of "clash of civilizations". The reality is simple. On one side, there are our forces, defenders of a modern and tolerant society which guarantees the exercice of human rights, including that of religion, as well as representative democracy. On the other side, namely …
18 march 2015 - 09:18
The Head of State decided Official Funeral for Mrs Françoise Foning
The Head of State has ordered an official burial ceremony for the late Mayor of Douala V who was also president of the CPDM Wouri V section and Central committee member. After the corpse removal today 18 March her funeral will take place on Saturday 21 March in Balang, Dschang with Prime Minister Philemon YANG representing the Head of State...
17 march
13 march
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